Getting here

You can get to Plassenburg Castle on foot or on the "Plassenburgexpress" bus, which takes you from the city centre to the castle’s Kasernenhof [barrack yard]. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take cars or tour coaches right up to the castle. There is nowhere for coaches to turn.

For further Information on the Plassenburgexpress please use the link on the right side.


Naturally, visitors who hold disabled badges may arrive by car. Please ring the “till” (“Kasse”) bell at the barrier. Disabled parking spaces are signposted.

More about accessibility

Our tip!                                                                                              

Plan enough time to visit the castle and the museums when parking. In the town, free parking is available in the car park on Schwedensteg. There are many reasonably priced multi-storey car parks and basement car parks in the town.

Contact Plassenburgexpress

+ 49 (0) 160-88 66 211 (Bus)

+ (0) 9221-92 03 40 Stadtbus Kulmbach GmbH


To find us easily:

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