Deutsches Zinnfigurenmuseum German Tin Figure Museum

The castle is home to the largest collection of tin figures in the world. Founded in 1929, the museum now has more than 300,000 individual figures. Around 150 dioramas bring history to life in miniature.

Visitors can marvel at classical hunts and encounter Romans, Germanic peoples, knights and lansquenets. They can also witness Frederician and Napoleonic battles, discover foreign continents, meet figures from the world of fairytales or experience the magic of scenes from famous paintings. The world of tin figures offers unlimited opportunities to experiences fantastical journeys and adventures.


Fire brigade by Mignot, Paris

You can also see the world’s largest diorama, which features more than 19,385 painted tin figures. It shows the tragic events of St. Conrad's day on 26th November 1553, when Kulmbach was almost completely destroyed by enemy troops.


Diorama of St. Conrad's day 1553