Landschaftsmuseum Obermain - Museum of the Upper Main Region

The museum’s collections date back to the Luitpold Museum, which was established in 1910. Art and cultural-historical exhibits from the Upper Main area and the town of Kulmbach are shown. The exhibition illustrates the development of the city of Kulmbach and the history of rule over Plassenburg Castle. The thematic diversity of the individual areas of the exhibition spans the history of the earth, archaeology and the history of the town in the 19th century.

The outstanding exhibitions include the Ebstorfer world map from the late 13th century and the altarpiece, Predella des Katharinenaltars (1514/15), painted by Hans von Kulmbach, who worked in Albrecht Dürer's studio. The Pörbitscher Schatz (Pörbitsch treasure), which was buried in the Thirty Years’ War, reflects the changing history of the city and the castle. Furniture, paintings and a variety of objects describe the life of residents in Kulmbach.

A variety of different special exhibitions also mean that there is always a reason to visit the museum.



Predella of St. Katharin's alter, painted by Hans von Kulmbach